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We recently caught up with an Anti-Foundation featured artist and producer, Samantha Togni to celebrate the release of two new remixes of her 2018 single ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ (feat. My Bad Sister). Renowned remix artists Tony Deathless (Soundcloud) and Hectic (Soundcloud) give this track effective club centric perspectives that are particularly slamming on the dance floor. Have listen and catch our brief Q&A with Samantha including some exciting plans for 2019. Samantha Togni - Practice Makes Perfect (Hectic and Tony Deathless remixes)

A-F: Samantha so great to catch up especially to talk about these new remixes. Let me ask you about Tony Deathless (, I visited his website and was really impressed by tracks like Too Many Ghosts (YouTube). What brought you two together to collaborate?

ST: Me and Tony have been collaborating on different projects, both music and fashion. He runs a label called The Arahant and that’s how we got to know each other. Currently we are working on a series of songs exploring different genres and moods. I love the approach he took when remixing Practice Makes Perfect, in particular the drums and how he reworked the vocals, pretty phenomenal. 

A-F: Fantastic really love the new synth leads too! On to Hectic, stopped by Hectic Official (Soundcloud), the channel is stacked with great remixes and Hectic originals. Especially appreciated Cashmere Cat - 9 (After Coachella) [feat. MØ & SOPHIE] (Hectic Remix) and Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart (Hectic Remix). A fantastic place to explore various artists through remix. Noticing Hectic has remixed for Janset one of your prior collaborators, is there a connection here?

ST: Hectic and I have been working on music together for a while, we are currently putting together few songs that will be released very soon. We also became good friends, it’s always a pleasure working with him, his versatility within his music is pretty inspirational and he is an awesome person. When he remixed Practice Makes Perfect I was so intrigued about the direction he would have taken with it and it came out as a total banger, I have played it out few times and the crowd went pretty mad. 

A-F: Thought this would be a great moment to let our followers in on plans for developing your live rig in 2019. Excited to develop your setup incorporating the best kits and tricks available. Drum machines and synths! I know you have plans to visit us in LA soon. Tell us about your visit and what fans can expect from your live DJ experience.

ST: I am so thrilled about this project we have together, playing live was something that I had in mind for a very long time, as a producer I want make the most of my sounds and be able to include them during my performances. I have been lucky enough to be creating this new setup with your team at Anti-Foundation and Elektron. Before my journey to LA I will be putting together a live performance that I will be premiering at your studios, including few new tracks and remixes I am currently working on.

You heard it! Looking forward to working with Samantha. Follow her on your favorite channel for updates leading up to her LA visit.

Original music video for ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ (feat. My Bad Sister).

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